Bosnian Pyramid

Theory and Bosnian pyramids assumes that the Visocica hill and two nearby hills around Visoko in Bosnia and Hercegovinizapravo giant pyramid built by human hands within a period of between 12 000 and 500 BC. Its author is an amateur archaeologist Semir Osmanagic. Scientific facts, and authentic archaeological and geological studies suggest only geological mechanisms that hill formed. Furthermore, Osmanagic’s project expert community condemns, not only because of misleading the public, but also because of improper excavations which the medieval site of the old town of Visoko.

Scientific research on the site show that the pyramids exist. European Association of Archaeologists public’s statement in 2006 expressing criticism and at the expense of Bosnian authorities that have a theory about the pyramids supported and financed „This intrigue is a cruel hoax on account unrevealed to the public and has her place in the world of true science.“

213 meters high Visocica hill, where once stood the old town High about the shape of a pyramid. Osmanagic’s excavations have revealed geological structure, which he says is a paved front plane of the tunnels, as well as stone blocks and ancient concrete for which it is assumed that once covered the building. Osmanagic claims that the excavations involved an international team of experts from Australia, Ireland, Scotland and Slovenia, but most archaeologists appointed by said she never agreed to participate, or that they were ever on the site. The excavations began in April 2006, 18 June 2016 it was announced that with a concert by Goran Karan will be officially opened Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.


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